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AI Generated Images Compared

AI image generators are everywhere now, more and more people are joining in the fun using them to generate creative images. Some of the popular sites that provide text to image generation services on the web pages are:

These AIGC (Artificial Intelligence…

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ChatGPT 与 text-davinci-003 模型

现在chatGPT还没有正式api, 访问chatGPT只能通过openai 的chatGPT网页进行。不通过网页的话openai当前也提供api支持访问GPT3的模型,其中与chatGPT最接近的是text-davinci-003。


text-davinci-003 是2022初openai推出的instructGPT(或者说GPT3.5)的一部分。chatGPT是在GPT3.5基础上对交互对话又有了进一步的优化。这两者的区别是什么呢?chatGPT自己的回答是这样的:

Openai的官方文档跟上面chatGPT说的略有不同。2022年 openai发表的论文“Training language…

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ChatGPT ‘s Answers to Questions About Itself

ChatGPT is so hot, and I, like may others, have many questions about the service itself. So I asked and unsurprisingly I got some good answers from chatGPT 🙂

What are the opportunities to create business values with chatGPT?

There are many opportunities to create business value with chatGPT and other advanced language models. Here are a few examples:

  1. Customer service: ChatGPT can be used to build advanced customer service chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer…

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Raspberry Pi as NAS + Media Server + VPN server

I have an old Raspberry Pi ( the first generation of Raspberry Pi model B), which has been used as my home media center for years. I installed and run libreelec which is a ” ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution for running the ultimate entertainment center application Kodi.” I also use Kodi remote control mobile app to control my TV. So far I have been very satisfied with this little single board computer 🙂

Comparing the sizes of my Pi Model B and a card deck

Kodi on…

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“Closeable Kiosk” (2) — with user scripts

In my last blog post ( I used user styles to create a “closeable kiosk” with firefox. Google chrome also supports user styles so similar styles can be applied to Chrome too.

Both firefox and Chrome support another “user scripts”, which “Allows you to customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.”. it can be applied to selected pages only, or to all the sites/pages. Here is a way…

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“Closeable Kiosk” with firefox user styles

Recently I got request to create a “closeable browser-based kiosk”– basically a browser in full screen mode, can’t be minimized/resized/moved or returned to non-full screen mode, no browser file menus, no address bar/navigation bar so user have to be stay on the same page, and can’t go to other urls. However user should be able to close it using mouse. This is to be deployed on some real kiosk booths like the ones often seen in a museum. There is no keyboard on the kiosk so short cut key…

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Digging into Windows Server AppFabric tracking event collection service

There is no enough documentation for configuration of AppFabric Event collection service. The best doc I can find is this MSDN page:

We would like to fine control when workflow tracking events are being persisted. how ever, the document does not provide details of how extactly events are schduled to be persisted to the monitor datastore. The main configurable settings are the “eventBufferSize” and “RewriteDelay” attributes in root web.xml:

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use openssl commandline as symmetric cryptography tool

to encrypt a string using 3des algorithm:

echo 'somecleartext'|openssl enc -e -des3 -K 'some_key_in_hex' -iv 'some_iv_in_hex' |base64

to decrypt a 3des encrypted string:

echo 'somecipher'|base64 -d|openssl enc -d -des3 -K 'some_key_in_hex'  -iv  'some_iv_in_hex'

a bunch of symmetric encryption alorithms are supported, like AES, DES, blowfish etc:

Cipher Types
-aes-128-cbc -aes-128-cfb -aes-128-cfb1
-aes-128-cfb8 -aes-128-ecb -aes-128-ofb
-aes-192-cbc -aes-192-cfb -aes-192-cfb1

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what will be my next Android pad

I currently own a zt-180 “epad” android pad… it’s ok running android 2.1 but kinda slow when running 2.2. I also don’t like its resistance touch screen and the short battery life (2 hours)… so I am looking for a new one now.

now the question is : which to buy?

here is a list after some quick google searches:
— Nook color: 7 inch, battery good; no video cam and gps. $245 +tax; cortex a-8 1G hz 512M ram.
— Dell streak wifi: 7 inch. 2 camares; screen resolution lower and other complaints. fast…

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