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Raspberry Pi as NAS + Media Server + VPN server

I have an old Raspberry Pi ( the first generation of Raspberry Pi model B), which has been used as my home media center for years. I installed and run libreelec which is a ” ‘Just enough OS’ Linux distribution for running the ultimate entertainment center application Kodi.” I also use Kodi remote control mobile app to control my TV. So far I have been very satisfied with this little single board computer 🙂

Comparing the sizes of my Pi Model B and a card deck

Kodi on…

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what will be my next Android pad

I currently own a zt-180 “epad” android pad… it’s ok running android 2.1 but kinda slow when running 2.2. I also don’t like its resistance touch screen and the short battery life (2 hours)… so I am looking for a new one now.

now the question is : which to buy?

here is a list after some quick google searches:
— Nook color: 7 inch, battery good; no video cam and gps. $245 +tax; cortex a-8 1G hz 512M ram.
— Dell streak wifi: 7 inch. 2 camares; screen resolution lower and other complaints. fast…

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米国这边, 公司的同事动不动就给我上一堂摄影基础课,什么光圈焦聚米字镜莱卡苏哈之类灌得愚钝如我都倒背如流了; 小孩参加画画比赛要家长拍鸭子当模板, 偶老婆用偶珍藏的的老佳能 s45排出来的愣被老师说不合格--人家妈妈全都是用DSLR拍的!

昨日上msn, 见到一新加坡友人, 生物学女博士后,著名科技白痴, 三言两语后发来一照片,“这是我的新DSLR照的………”,”DSLR特别适于照人“。。。 靠。。。


签名1: ZBF版本0。92试用

签名2: 参考资料: [2008推荐阅读】不同版本装B指南大集合:

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