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ChatGPT 与 text-davinci-003 模型

现在chatGPT还没有正式api, 访问chatGPT只能通过openai 的chatGPT网页进行。不通过网页的话openai当前也提供api支持访问GPT3的模型,其中与chatGPT最接近的是text-davinci-003。


text-davinci-003 是2022初openai推出的instructGPT(或者说GPT3.5)的一部分。chatGPT是在GPT3.5基础上对交互对话又有了进一步的优化。这两者的区别是什么呢?chatGPT自己的回答是这样的:

Openai的官方文档跟上面chatGPT说的略有不同。2022年 openai发表的论文“Training language…

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ChatGPT ‘s Answers to Questions About Itself

ChatGPT is so hot, and I, like may others, have many questions about the service itself. So I asked and unsurprisingly I got some good answers from chatGPT 🙂

What are the opportunities to create business values with chatGPT?

There are many opportunities to create business value with chatGPT and other advanced language models. Here are a few examples:

  1. Customer service: ChatGPT can be used to build advanced customer service chatbots that can handle a wide range of customer…

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