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利用ant sql task 作canoo web test 的数据初始化

每次运行之前需要在数据库里populate需要的测试数据,这个可以用SQL ant task自动在test case里实现--相关test case第一步就是作数据初始化。


(1) 建议先写好SQL script,把这些sql文件放在单独的SQL目录里。(optional)

(2) 把 mysql jdbc driver 文件 “mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar”拷贝到 webtest的lib目录下,并且加入到java classpath (或者 /webtest.bat 的calsspath里)

哪里找文件 mysql-connector-java-5.0.4-bin.jar呢?

--先从这里下载 :…

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canoo web test 快速入门

这是我们实现Agile development重要的一环.

(0) 安装

— download jave runtime (JRE)
— download webtest:, 解压到本地目录 <WEBTEST_HOME> (例如, C:\webtest)
— Add <WEBTEST_HOME>\bin to your PATH (控制面板–>系统–>高级–>环境变量)
–cd <WEB_HOME>\doc\samples 运行:
webtest -buildfile installTest.xml

一般来说,运行test cases用这样的语法:
webtest -buildfile <testcasefile>


webtest -buildfile mytest.xml

(1)test cases目录结构


includes: 包含文件

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notes on Visibroker Naming Service implicit object cluster and stale object references

Visibroker Naming Service (VBNS) is the Corba naming services provided by Borland Visibroker. It supports implicit object clustering which allows you to bind multiple object references under one name. This is not CORBA compliant, how ever it allows easy/transparent clustering of corba objects instead of explictly going through the hassle of ClusterManager.

Several things to note for implicit object cluster mode:
(1) if the peroperty “vbroker.naming.propBindOn” is set to 1, the implicit…

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Specifying a Vector-type bean property in Spring bean config XML file

In Spring IOC framework you can define bean properties of some collection types, such as List, Set, Propertie and Map. For example, for a bean that has a property “theList” of type “java.util.ArrayList”, you can specify the value as below:

&lt;bean id="exampleBean" class="examples.ExampleBean"&gt;
&nbsp;&nbsp;  &lt;property name="theList"&gt;
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;       &lt;list&gt;
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;          &lt;value type="java.lang.String"&gt;a…

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My pain on Java open source portal evaluation still goes on

After extensive search, reading, comparing and trying, finally I limited my choices to the following three:

– exo platform
– Liferay
– uportal

All of them have JSR 168 support, which is my basic choosing criteria. Still they all have pros and cons:

– exo platform: the most technically advanced; has all the buzz words like JSR 168, JSR 170, WSRP, IOC, JSF etc; it uses PICO, the light-weight IOC framework; it also uses JSF as the portal presentation technology and has an eclipse plug in for…

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PHP, .NET or J2EE? –Some considerations when choosing web development platform

One of my old posts, with some thoughts apparently not true or outdated in today’s view; just put it here to fill the space 😉

— The technical platform selection first is determined by what kinds of resources/expertise the developemnt team have.

— Language by itself: PHP is a scripting language, like VB script used in ASP. whileas Jsp and are pre-compiled when serving the request, Java and ASP.NET(whether C# ,, J# or others) are full-fledged object-oriented language; PHP is…

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