what will be my next Android pad

I currently own a zt-180 “epad” android pad… it’s ok running android 2.1 but kinda slow when running 2.2. I also don’t like its resistance touch screen and the short battery life (2 hours)… so I am looking for a new one now.

now the question is : which to buy?

here is a list after some quick google searches:
— Nook color: 7 inch, battery good; no video cam and gps. $245 +tax; cortex a-8 1G hz 512M ram.
— Dell streak wifi: 7 inch. 2 camares; screen resolution lower and other complaints. fast CPU (tegra 2 ) dual core 512M memory. No usb charging. $278 @ newegg.
— samsum galaxytab 7 inch wifi: about $350.
— Viewsonic gTablet: 10 inch. 1.3M camera. tegra 2 cpu 512 MB ram.
— Asus – Eee Pad Transformer Table: 10 inch. tegra 2 cpu 1GB ram. good reviews. $399.
— Toshiba: 10,1 inch. fulle size sd card slot; full usb 2.0; replaceable battery; $479

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