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what will be my next Android pad

I currently own a zt-180 “epad” android pad… it’s ok running android 2.1 but kinda slow when running 2.2. I also don’t like its resistance touch screen and the short battery life (2 hours)… so I am looking for a new one now.

now the question is : which to buy?

here is a list after some quick google searches:
— Nook color: 7 inch, battery good; no video cam and gps. $245 +tax; cortex a-8 1G hz 512M ram.
— Dell streak wifi: 7 inch. 2 camares; screen resolution lower and other complaints. fast…

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 海归网 iphone app

my first iphone app, for….

It’s in app store now:

我得第一个iphone app : 海龟网iphone app正式上线, 可从app store 免费下载安装

大家可以在iphone上的app store 里搜索“归网”,然后免费下载安装。谢谢各位支持。


注: 在ios4.2 以上版本的iphone/ipod touch 上测试过。其他版本的ios未经测试。

-- 虽然海归网总的感觉是在没落中,但是还是有不少的新老id在这里玩。。。这种亲切感挥不掉。希望通过这个小程序让大家玩得更方便一点。
-- 很不喜欢apple的xcode, 特别是interface builder. 个人觉得很垃圾。
-- objective-c…

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[民工日记]简单服务器GEO-Routing: 根据ip自动分流

不通过应用程序而纯粹从服务器简单配置。。。transparent to your apps

1. 用 apache mod_rewrite 实现根据用户ip自动选择镜像


在 apache config 里加一个 virtual host:

ServerAdmin [email protected]
DocumentRoot /hosting/balance
ServerName balance
<filesmatch "\.(php|htm|html|pl|asp)"="">
Allow from all

RewriteEngine on
RewriteLog rewrite.log
RewriteLogLevel 9
RewriteMap lb prg:/hosting/balance/ip_prg.php
RewriteRule ^(.*)$…

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Cheap secondary storage options

Looking at cheap storage for hosting backup/archive… driving force: cost.  NetApp is too expensive.

The following can be taken into consideration:

— Amazon S3 web services. Since it’s only used for backup/archive the cost should not be too high. Need to analyze the cost though. Another potential issue is legal/privacy…

     Technically the best way is probably to use a S3 file system driver so the backup/access is transparent to the apps and existing apps doesn’ t need to be modified. the…

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ADS image capturing issue

got an error capturing an remote image using microsoft automated deploument service (ADS):

the capture job failed with the error message:
“Device or service connection does not exist”…
Here is the sequence what I did:
(1) on the reference win2003 system (remote target), installed ADS admin agent and started it
(2) on the remote target, create a directory C:\sysprep, and c:\sysprep\i386. copied sysprep.exe and other sysprep binary files to the i386 directory; copied a sysprep.inf file to…

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[音乐] [边听边聊]快乐老实人

卢冠廷, 光头身瘦满脸胡子茬, 一副不入偶像fans法眼的老土形象, 唱腔"怪异", 却是香港流行乐坛最有才的音乐人之一.

内地的年轻人或许听过他的歌,不过多半是来自电影大话西游片尾的曲子"一生所爱", 甚至有人把那歌声当成是罗文.

作为唱作人, 他的经典:

作为创作人, 他的作品通过80年代的不少歌手流传:

— 天籁 星际传说 (关正杰)
— 凭着爱 (苏芮), 再回首(姜育恒)
–你在何地 (张国荣)
–最爱是谁 (林子祥, 电影"最爱")
— 天变地变情不变 (张学友)
— 如果你是我的传说 (刘德华)
— 长伴千世纪 (陈百强)

其中很喜欢的有这首"快乐老实人"…原因? 如歌词 : "喜欢即是喜欢…"



曲 : 卢冠廷 词 : 唐书琛



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