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canoo web test 快速入门

这是我们实现Agile development重要的一环.

(0) 安装

— download jave runtime (JRE)
— download webtest:, 解压到本地目录 <WEBTEST_HOME> (例如, C:\webtest)
— Add <WEBTEST_HOME>\bin to your PATH (控制面板–>系统–>高级–>环境变量)
–cd <WEB_HOME>\doc\samples 运行:
webtest -buildfile installTest.xml

一般来说,运行test cases用这样的语法:
webtest -buildfile <testcasefile>


webtest -buildfile mytest.xml

(1)test cases目录结构


includes: 包含文件

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notes on Visibroker Naming Service implicit object cluster and stale object references

Visibroker Naming Service (VBNS) is the Corba naming services provided by Borland Visibroker. It supports implicit object clustering which allows you to bind multiple object references under one name. This is not CORBA compliant, how ever it allows easy/transparent clustering of corba objects instead of explictly going through the hassle of ClusterManager.

Several things to note for implicit object cluster mode:
(1) if the peroperty “vbroker.naming.propBindOn” is set to 1, the implicit…

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Passing an array of objects when calling a document/literal web service with perl soap::lite

One recent problem I encountered was that I had to write a PERL client for an existing document/literal web service. The service is using polymorphism– there are two methods:

Product[] getProducts1(Products[] products1);
Product[] getProducts2();

“Product” is only an interface. Product1 and Product2 are concret classes that implement the “product’ interface. and the objects in the products array are either Product1 objects or Product2 objects;

Interface Product {
    public String getName();

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Specifying a Vector-type bean property in Spring bean config XML file

In Spring IOC framework you can define bean properties of some collection types, such as List, Set, Propertie and Map. For example, for a bean that has a property “theList” of type “java.util.ArrayList”, you can specify the value as below:

&lt;bean id="exampleBean" class="examples.ExampleBean"&gt;
&nbsp;&nbsp;  &lt;property name="theList"&gt;
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;       &lt;list&gt;
&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;          &lt;value type="java.lang.String"&gt;a…

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html2opml — my html to opml converter

I tried to import my firefox bookmarks into blogrolling and found that it only accepts OPML but not html. So i wrote a small utility that converts html to opml.

html2opml is a php script that simply converts html to a opml file, and every URL in the HTML input will become an entry in the generated OPML. Since most entries in my bookmarks does not have RSS feeds only “link” type opml outlines with “Url” attribute are created.

The html2opml online utlility is at

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hacking ganux

Ganux simulates a linux terminal through a browser. According to the author: “I have changed it into a hacking-game. The objective of this game is to gain root of this “machine”. I can assure you that this’s not easy! A surprise will be given to those who can hack into it!”

So this is a minimum operating system running on the browser– quite interesting. I spent some time to look into the javascript code to find the secret there. Apparently it’s not difficult– basically it uses javascript to…

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A usage of firefox GreaseMonkey

quoted from Greasemonkey’s web site ( : Greasemonkey is a Firefox extension which lets you to add bits of DHTML (“user scripts”) to any webpage to change it’s behavior. In much the same way that user CSS lets you take control of a webpage’s style, user scripts let you easily control any aspect of a webpage’s design or interaction.

Just tried the firefox greasemonkey — I was trying to use it for enhancing the batch website snapshot-capture script: One problem…

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--偶认为对国内来说RFID在物流行业有很大前景。中国是零售业主要的供货地;虽然沃尔马,target等现在只要求最大的一些米国supplier使用RFID,但迟早会推行到国内的supplier. 正如物流业在国内的蓬勃发展,RFID也会相应跟上。

--RFID现在推广的主要障碍是tag的成本。现在reflective tag成本大约要20美分左右,因此只能应用在批量商品的包装箱级别,而无法做到每件商品上都放一个。但长远来说这不是问题。



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my experiences using VM /emulator software on Windows

I had been using vmware workstation for a long while. It’s pretty good in terms of performance and ease of use– I ran vmware on WinNT and Win2K with several VMs concurrently, each of them with a different OS: redhat, freeBSD, Gentoo and Debian. The network config is easy and straight forward– there are virtual NICs installed on your host, the guess can talk to the host via diffrent methods such as bridge, NAT … the downside is that it’s not free– several hundred bucks is not cheap.

Before I…

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