ADS image capturing issue

got an error capturing an remote image using microsoft automated deploument service (ADS):

the capture job failed with the error message:
“Device or service connection does not exist”…
Here is the sequence what I did:
(1) on the reference win2003 system (remote target), installed ADS admin agent and started it
(2) on the remote target, create a directory C:\sysprep, and c:\sysprep\i386. copied sysprep.exe and other sysprep binary files to the i386 directory; copied a sysprep.inf file to c:\sysprep directory
(3) on the ADS controller, using ADS managemnt tool, added a device for the remote target, by manually entered the MAC address and ip of the remote target .
(4) took control of the device, then run job with a “image-capture-win2k” template created with the sample job sequence:

< !– start sequence –>
<sequence version=”1″ description=”capture image” command=”capture-image-w2k.xml” xmlns=”“>
  < !– STEP 1 sysprep step –>
  <task description=”sysprep target” doesReboot=”true”>
  < !– STEP 2 boot to deployment agent –>
  <task description=”Boot to deployment agent” doesReboot=”false”>
  < !– STEP 3 capture image –>
  <task description=”Capture image” doesReboot=”false”>
      <parameter>”image description”</parameter>

and the error occured at the first step: the sysprep step..

followed MS instructions, searched from googles, tried various ways but still no luck….Headache 🙁


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