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banner ad 广告设计注意事项

主要有两种网上广告目标,一种是网上宣传,比如宣扬某个品牌,目标是尽量多的人看到这个广告而不在乎多少人点击了广告 (CPM);另一种则是看点击率(CPC),甚至用户点击后采取行动的几率(CPA)。


广告条(banner ad)设计要点:

– 在广告里呼唤行动. Always say "click here" on your banner, or some variation thereof. I know this sounds overly simple, but it is often overlooked and can easily double your click-through rates.

– 在广告里加个按钮,上面写"点击这里” (click here),turn the words “click here” into an actual or obvious button on your banner improves response.


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