A virtual server products list

VPS stands for virtual private Server, a techology to divide a server into multiple “virtual machines” and each of the “virtual server” can run its own operating system as if it’s a standalone server. VPS is mainly used for Web hosting. It can also be used toestablished “sandbox” or for demo/testing purposes etc.

The technology is based on virtual machine technology that exists for a while.

Virtual server products that I know of:

– IBM had the technology (named zen?) to divide a mainframe into bunches of vritual servers running linux several years ago(they call it “partition”);
– The latest Sun solaris 10 also had this feature (they call it “zone),…
– virtuozzo
– open source Linux projects like Linux VServer , Xen ,freeVPS and UML (UML is the slowest in terms of performance) for linux,
– Jail for FreeBSD
– freeVPS
– openVPS (based on linux-VServer )
–VMWare server
–Even Microsoft has the Microsoft Virtual server 2005 (http://www.microsoft.com/windowsserversystem/virtualserver/default.mspx) running on top of Windows server 2003.

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